Air Pistol Postal Shoot – September Results

today 20, September 2019

Results are in for the September leg of the Air Pistol Postal Shoot. All results are below;

Women  State September
Nicola Batchelar QLD 557
Ileana Muresan NSW 545
Dannielle Moleman NSW 539
Laura Cowling NSW 543
Anne Knibbs VIC 505
Kirsty Kelly TAS 537
Sarah Smith NSW 516
Jo Hutchinson NT 529
Fiona Marcum VIC 542
Viona Woodroffe VIC 494
Karen Probst VIC 510
Allison Doyle NSW 510
Una Rossetto NSW 530
Rebkah Russell TAS 543
Marina Carrier NSW 470
Kerry Crlik TAS /
Kathie Mcmanus VIC 489
Jo Muir WA 506
Jeniffer Lazarus NSW 523
Agnes Verstegen NSW 490
Katrina Morley ACT 481
Gemma Powell NT 472
Fiona Moore VIC 503
Dania Macdonald VIC 430
Tina Holst QLD 398
Marilyn Chalker NT 412
Laurelle Swan NSW 473
Emma Prince VIC 453
Haley Hlasny VIC 464
Heni Johnson NT 452
Linda Lane TAS 458
Monica Morabito ACT 432
Jackie Holmes NT 453
Pat Zeppieri NSW 410
Christian Boyle VIC 569
Scott Anderson WA 561
Mike Knapp WA 556
Mike Giustiniano WA 551
Kerry Bell NSW
Bryan Wilson VIC 528
Rick Kennedy WA /
John Gray QLD 546
Glen Frew NT 539
Colin Webber ACT /
Kym Sykes VIC 548
Terry Howard NSW 540
Malcolm Campbell NSW 516
Graham Mulligan TAS 550
Tony Doyle NSW 480
Jason Howard NSW 543
Joe Kapitanof NSW 530
Anthony Leousis NSW 543
Paul Tompkins ACT 527
Brendan Lockett TAS 536
David Banks NSW 513
Murray Bow WA 529
David Kempster SA 479
Anthony Wickham VIC 522
Rick Hlasny VIC 539
Paul Thompson NSW 516
Rob Wenban VIC /
Peter Howard TAS 527
Ross Houston NT 461
Graeme Cooper NSW 509
David Bennett NSW 512
Michael Arfmann NSW 522
Mark Nish VIC 518
Steve Rooney NT 484
Errol Holmes NT 523
Matt Powell NT 453
Nick Barnard NT 484
Brett Gill NT 509
Peter Jones NT 522
Jason Grogan VIC 480
Michael Penington SA 501
Nathan O’Donnell QLD /
Kane Swan NSW 436
Manjula Udagepolage VIC /
Javier Baladron NSW 529
Ethan Howard NSW 415
Ray Daniel NSW 419
Guy Stackman NSW 457
Aaron Mcclurg TAS 401
Nelson Woods NT 409
Brian Woods NT 400
Chris Cresp VIC 466
Junior Women
Talia Woodroffe VIC 534
Ellie Jane Rudder NSW 538
Katie Nicholls WA 552
Isabella Burton ACT 522
Imogen Sykes VIC 482
Charlotte Howard TAS 454
Chloe Mcmanus VIC /
Lexi Surace NSW 417
Junior Men
Tyson Hughes SA 563
Aadyn Healy VIC 515
James Tarte NSW 491
Lincoln Kelly VIC 470
Nelson Woods NT 409
Adrian Santander NSW 322
Seinors 40
Daniel Spain NSW 344
Kath Redpath TAS /
Graeme Banfield TAS /
Alex Ligeti VIC 320
Joyce Steen TAS 282
Kane Fleeton NSW 540
Robert Knibbs VIC 489

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