PA Dress Guidelines – click here

Pistol Australia Grades – click here for the current list of PA grades

[Grades are set by the National Coaching Council – they are included here for the convenience of officials involved in producing results of competition.

The following rules and regulations are the current versions

1. Pistol Australia General Technical Regulations (GTRs)PA GTRs January 2020

2. Special Technical Rules for the Service matchesService Rules 2022    (This version 2022-2 has a minor change to to correct a badly worded rule – no other changes)

For a Summary of the 2022 rule changes Click here

3. Rules for the Black Powder matchesBlack Powder Rules January 2020

4. ISSF General and Specific Pistol Rules with PA variations – PAPrint-ISSFRules-2017 v2

   (NOTE: on page 10 the words “or NON ALLOWABLE” should be deleted – thus it will read “Only one (1) malfunction (ALLOWABLE) may be refired…………”

5. ISSF Supported Rest Shooting Rules 2017 Click here

6. Link to ISSF website for all ISSF rules Click here

7. Link to WA1500 website for all WA1500 rules Click here

8. Link to NRA Action Pistol rules Click here

9. Link to the other NRC site NRC website

ISSF Rules 2017 – PA Version

1. All rules specific to paper targets will be found at the end of Section 6

2. Rules that are not enforced at Pistol Australia competitions are highlighted – the PA version of that rule will be found in the addendum at the front of the book

3. There will no longer be any shoot-offs for ISSF matches – all done on X count