PA Dress Guidelines – click here

Pistol Australia Grades – click here for the current list of PA grades

    Grades are set by the National Coaching Council – they are included here for the convenience of officials involved in producing results of competition.

The following rules and regulations are the current versions


The Bianchi Action Pistol Match is now conducted by the ‘Civilian Marksmanship Program’.  This is the program that is used at PA Nationals

Link to CMP Action Pistol rules  CMP Rule Book for Action Pistol

Other Action Pistol Rules that are recognized by Pistol Australia are found in the NRA Action Pistol Rules

Link to NRA Action Pistol rules NRA Rule Book for Action Pistol


Rules for the Black Powder matchesBlack Powder Rules 2023

   For a Summary of the 2023 rule change (formatted to be pasted into the current 2020 rulebook)  Click here for 2023 changes


Pistol Australia General Technical Regulations (GTRs)PA GTRs January 2020


1. ISSF General and Specific Pistol Rules with PA variations – PAPrint-ISSFRules-2023

  • (NOTE: on page 10 the words “or NON ALLOWABLE” should be deleted – thus it will read “Only one (1) malfunction (ALLOWABLE) may be refired…………”

2. ISSF Rules – 2023 Updates  

  • Note that these minor changes WILL be in force at the ISSF Nationals in 2023

     Click here for the changes ISSF Rule Changes 2023

3.  ISSF Finals on paper targets

  • Finals on Paper Targets – 3 matches    –   ISSF Finals on Paper
  • Range Guides are available on the Range Guides page

These will be used for the PA-ISSF Nationals in the NT but are subject to minor changes if testing shows up any problems that can be easily fixed.

4. ISSF Supported Rest Shooting Rules 2017  Supported Rest Rules

5. Link to ISSF website for the full ISSF rulebook  ISSF Rulebook


Special Technical Rules for the Service matchesService Rules 2023

      For a Summary of the 2023 rule changes (formatted to be pasted into the current 2022 rulebook)  Click here for 2023 changes 

      (Includes rules 7.1.4 & 7.1.5 that had a few words accidentally omitted in the last printing of the rulebook)


Link to WA1500 website for all WA1500 rules –  WA1500 Rulebook – 2023

Optical Sight – rule clarification / interpretation – WA1500 Optical – Clarification re sights

Link to the old NRC website