PA will fund up to 13 (13) PA juniors to attend the 2023 junior camp. Those juniors attending are the two juniors from each State/Territory who entered the two postal shoots and have the highest aggregate of the two matches from each State/Territory. In the event there were no entries or only one from a State or Territory the coaching panel will decide if necessary which juniors will be added to make up to 13.

The 2023 Pistol Australia (PA) Junior Camp will be held from 1 – 7 at Yarra Pistol Club, Melbourne. The camp is designed to provide advanced training for young shooters to develop their technical skills as well as their mental and physical fitness. The aim is to improve their performance at all levels of competition and achieve their short, intermediate and long-term goals. Specific objectives of the camp aim to:

• Develop fundamental shooting techniques;
• Analyse performance and identify strategies for improvement;
• Establish, refine and focus on short, intermediate and long term goals;
• Instil motivation to achieve the individual’s potential, and
• Promote the value of team spirit for the benefit of the team and the individual.

The respective State/Territory Association can nominate up to two juniors to attend the camp.

In the event that a State/Territory Association does not nominate a candidate, PA will liaise with the other State/Territory Associations who wish to nominate an additional junior to fill such vacancies.

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2023-National-Junior-Camp-Information-and-Application-Pack -May 2023