Grading Policy

Grading Policy



The Pistol Australia (PA) Grading policy as specified below to came into effect on 1 January 2007.

Grade Breaks

A grade break in any of the top categories of the following matches can only be recognised if achieved at international competitions, PA National or State Championships and sanctioned Open PA Competitions:

  • Master - ISSF / PA events
  • High Master - WA1500 Match
  • Super High Master - Action Pistol 

A grade break for all lower categories is recognised when a shooter achieves the minimum score required for that grade at the above mentioned competition levels and also PA Club matches. 

To break grade in the ISSF / PA matches and in Action Pistol the requisite score need only be shot once.

To have the classification upgraded (i.e. to break grade) for the WA1500 Matches the requisite score needs to be shot twice.

Voluntary Downgrading

In the event that an individual has not shot their grade score in specific matches in the preceding twelve month period, an application may be made for voluntary downgrading to the next lower grade.  Individuals seeking such downgrading should apply to their Club which, after examination and endorsement of the request, should forward the application to the relevant State Association for ratification.

Automatic Downgrading

In ISSF / PA matches, downgrading of Master grade shooters to the next lower grade will automatically occur where the shooter does not shoot a Master Grade score in the specific matches during the preceding 12 month period.

Competition Entries

It is the shooter’s responsibility to notify the Competition Organising Secretary, if there has been a change of grade between entering a competition and competing in that competition.

Where a person is not graded in a match and enters a competition, the resultant score will determine the grade.

Grade Score Changes

In the event that there are changes made to competition procedures and/or competition target sizes in any match the relevant PA Discipline Director will provide Provisional Grade Qualification scores to the NCC for consideration and subsequent approval by PA.