NEW ISSF RULE BOOK AVAILABLE NOW   ISSF Changes  (the PA version is unchanged as new rules will not be adopted until after the 2018 Nationals Championships)

The following new rules and regulations are the current versions

  1. Special Technical Rules for the Service matches - Service Rules May 2016.pdf
  2. Rules for the Black Powder matches - Black Powder Rules May 2016
  3. Pistol Australia General and Technical Regulations - PA GTRs 2018
  4. ISSF General and Specific Pistol Rules with PA variations  PA version - ISSF Rules 2017  (NOTE - these are the current rules - there is a misprint on the cover page where it reads 2016 instead of 2017).


ISSF Rules 2017 - PA Version

  1. All rules specific to paper targets will be found at the end of Section 6
  2. Rules that are not enforced at Pistol Australia competitions are highlighted - the PA version of that rule will be found in the addendum at the front of the book
  3. There will no longer be any shoot-offs for ISSF matches - all done on X count



Due to an inadvertent error Rule was added and is WRONG.  The version on this page is now correct.  The correct wording of this rule is

S25/ If a competitor places less than the number of rounds in their pocket required for that stage, they are NOT permitted to make up to the required number of rounds. Doing so will incur a 10point penalty for each round so added.

As NRC Director I apologize for this error and also thank the Service Judge B who, in querying the interpretation, actually alerted me to the fact that it was new and was wrong.