Pistol Australia State And Territory Grant Program Announcement


Pistol Australia is pleased to announce a new initiative that will provide up to $22,000 incl GST of Pistol Australia funds for each State and Territory for Programs/Initiatives that meet the following criteria. The program has four funding categories:

Category 1: Equipment - Grants up to $22,000 incl GST to purchase equipment that is essential for participation.

Category 2: Skill Development - Grants up to $22,000 incl GST to improve the skills of PA

affiliated members by providing training opportunities for coaches, officials, administration staff and management committees.

Category 3: Community Participation - Grants up to $22,000 incl GST to increase community participation through accessible sport and recreation opportunities such as pilot programs, come n try days (e.g. assisting clubs to facilitate Shooting Australia Come n Try Days) and school programs.

Category 4: Administrative Efficiency - Grants up to $22,000 incl GST to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of States/Territories and their Clubs.

States/Territories may submit multiple grant applications in different categories noting that the maximum amount payable to any State/Territory will be $22,000 incl GST. Whilst the objective is to establish new programs, applications for assistance to current programs will also be considered.

Please see the policy document for further details on this link - PA State and Territory Grant Program March 2019

Pistol Australia encourages all States and Territories to apply for these grants. Please contact Noel Harrod for further information.