18/8: Light variable, cloudy to brilliant sunshine through the course of six shoots. The variable light and baffing appears to be dragging the groups up on the target. The cloud thickness appears to change and effect the sight picture. It's like a shimmer effect. 


PA Team Members


Linda Jekel 1476

Peter Brus 1487

Chris Banfield 1477


Other PA Members (Non-PA Team Members) competing

Dean Brus 1477 (Pistol)

Marnie Jones 1475 (Revolver)

Matthew Lockhart 1478 (Revolver)


19/8: A day of contrasting light and rain showers. Overnight heavy rain had mud everywhere and range A almost impossible to walk on. Scores were overall down yet some still managed impressive totals. 


Ladies pistol and Revolver: Linda Jekel - 1st

Ladies pistol and revolver: Marnie Jones (Non-PA Team Mamber) - 2nd


Final Day: Cool morning at 13 degrees no breeze and maybe the best light conditions on arrival. Variable light when competing. High level of competition with the following outstanding performances.

The final day featured the World Team Match and the Club Team Match. The combination of Peter Brus and Chris Banfield saw the PA Team finish second to Germany by 1 point in the WA1500 Pistol World Team Match.

This was immediately followed by the WA1500 Revolver World Team match where they again finished second to Germany. Eleven countries were in the World Team competition with Peter Brus having a remarkable four days of competition.



  1. Team Germany
  2. Team Australia (Chris banfield & Peter Brus)
  3. Team Austria


  1. Team Germany
  2. Team Australia (Chris banfield & Peter Brus)
  3. Team Norway